HELLO 2 — World’s Most Powerful Communication Device

Feature-packed and fully End-to-End Encrypted HELLO 2 is the ultimate all-in-one TV companion for modern offices and homes worldwide.

Single HELLO$799.00$499.00

Solaborate HELLO $799.00$449.00

10 Pack$7,990.00$4,990.00

2 Pack$1,598.00$998.00

25 Pack$19,975.00$12,475.00

5 Pack$3,995.00$2,495.00

Solaborate HELLO $4,298.00$2,999.00

check_circle Pre-orders will be shipped on February

Use your favorite, pre-installed Video Conferencing app, on HELLO

Crystal Clear End-to-End Encrypted Audio and Video Calls

Stacked with 4K HDR hardware and sensor, 120-degree field-of-view lens, an array of 4 beam-forming microphones for noise cancellation – crystal clear video and audio calls come effortlessly. HELLO 2 works to remove the need to crowd around the laptop- simply transfer your calls to any TV.

Wireless Screencasting and Screen Sharing

Wireless Screencasting and Screen Sharing are here to make your life easier, share your moments, as well as become more productive — All at the same time.


Catch up with your favorite movies or TV series on Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube. No need for extra cables! All you have to do is install streaming apps on your HELLO, sit back, and enjoy.

Camera Feed & Motion Detection

Keep an eye on your office or home with HELLO’s Camera Feed & Motion Detection. Motion activated notifications alert you when unusual activity is detected, so that you can put your mind at ease when you are away.

Use Your Favorite Voice Assistant

Interact with your voice assistants powerfully, productively, through speech. It literally integrates with your routine to help you get things done! Learning from our behaviour, Voice Assistants remain relevant while our smart homes continue to mature.


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